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We represent the precision custom manufacturing industry.  Our membership is comprised of companies both large and small. Nationally (NTMA) has over 1,300 member companies, representing over $30 billion in revenues. We believe the important role manufacturing plays in our local and national economy. To our members we can provide education and training, networking, business and health insurance, market research, business development and advocacy.

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RMTMA Mission

Our mission is to help members of the U.S. precision custom manufacturing industry achieve profitable growth and business success in a global economy through advocacy, education, networking, information, programs and services.  

 Member Spotlight

We are very proud of our member companies. Their services and capabilities serve as the manufacturing bedrock for the production of American manufactured goods. Our local and national member companies provide products vital to our economy, and meaningful well paid employment to thousands of employees and their families. We salute their commitment and entrepreneurial spirit. One of the ways RMTMA says thank you to our members is featuring a different member company every month. This month's our featured member company is:

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Denver Precision Products

Denver Precision Products focus on service and investment, are keys to moving their business forward. Claude F. Knuepfer president and his children continue a contract manufacturing family tradition.  Claude moved to Colorado from Chicago in 1978 , to join his father's business. Now Claude’s son Jacob, who manages the manufacturing floor and daughter Amy Primrose, responsible for the office and sales are the 4th generation of family involved in the business.

                                                                                               Knuepfer family heirloom, 1914 gold plated micrometer

                                                                                             Knuepfer family heirloom, 1914 gold plated micrometer

The machining pedigree of the Knuepfer family runs deep. In1922, Claude’s grandfather opened his own screw machine company in Chicago. Claude's grandfather was also a founding member of PMPA (Precision Machined Parts Association), one of the oldest manufacturing trade associations in the country.

                                Denver Precision CNC swiss parts

                              Denver Precision CNC swiss parts

The core of their contract machining business, since moving from Chicago to Colorado in 1971, has been producing small diameter turned/milled parts (.100” to 1.65”) Originally, they produced large quantities of turned parts on cam type Browne & Sharp turning machines. When milling was required on the parts, they were then moved to secondary milling machines.

In the 1980-90’s Denver Precision transitioned much of their work from the cam machines to CNC swiss (sliding headstock) machines, with milling capabilities. This move to more advanced technology, enabled them to combine much of the turning and milling into a single setup, better tolerance control, improved finishes, and decreased cycle times. 



Recently they purchased three new Tsugami CNC swiss machines giving them 32 mm diameter swiss capability and two new 42mm CNC Miyano (fixed headstock) turn/mills. With the addition of these new machines, they now produce much of their legacy work on these multi-axis machines.

                                                                        Amy Primrose with new Tsugami CNC swiss                                                                       

                                                                      Amy Primrose with new Tsugami CNC swiss                                                                       

In addition to their commitment to capital investment, attention to personal customer service is a key to customer retention and longevity. “Good customer relations, being responsive to customer needs and problems are foundational to how we do business” says Amy Primrose, who handles much of the customer interface and sales.

Their customer base is primarily regional (rocky mountain area) by design. “Most of our existing customers are within a one-day drive of our business” explains Amy, “It gives us the ability to keep close to our customers and respond quickly to their needs. It’s our best sales tool.”

Denver Precision serves multiple markets: industrial, electronic, medical, energy, and recreational. They have existing customers that go back 40 years, a tribute to their manufacturing and servicing capabilities.

Because of the diversity of their customer base, they machine many different materials: plastics, stainless steel, aluminum, oil lite bronze, and monel.

     Amy and Claude demonstrating   new Oasis optical inspection system

   Amy and Claude demonstrating new Oasis optical inspection system

“We also do lots of tight tolerance work. Some in the .0005” range, occasionally we will have something in the .0003” range. You are now crossing over into a grinding world” commented Claude. “We have a hydraulic part we  have produced successfully for years, that requires a 3-6 RMS (mirror) internal finish”.

Another recent investment is an Oasis optical inspection system. “It’s a quick accurate method for checking external dimensions on small parts” says Knuepfer. "

Areas of concern – Workforce awareness. Amy, a former educator states, “educating people on the importance of manufacturing, most people, educators included, and their students don’t know that manufacturing exists.”

“We need to automate, especially in our deburring area” says Amy. “We also are looking at updating our ERP system”

Opportunities – “The economy is good. Our continued focus is on high value hydraulics. We do well with small intricate parts” states Claude.

The future for Denver Precision Products looks bright, please visit their website for more information. 

Denver Precision Products

Established in Colorado – 1971

Current building - 5,000 sq. ft.

Location – Broomfield, CO

Employees - 10



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Successful leaders make time to work ON their business - not just IN it!

Hello Friends,

We all know that networking, personal development, and benchmarking are vital disciplines that every successful and effective leader must practice, but who has time for such activities? And if you could find the time, where would you go to find others who truly understand your issues and struggles?

I’d like to encourage you to attend NTMA’s Fall Conference this Oct 23-26 in downtown Denver. Not only will we be celebrating NTMA’s 75th anniversary, we will have speakers, workshops, panel discussions and networking sessions that are specifically designed to equip and encourage us as precision machining industry leaders.

The Rocky Mountain Chapter’s Board of Directors is so committed to having our members attend this year’s conference that we’re offering to pay 50% of the early bird registration cost. This offer is good for one person from each member company, but you must register before September 30th (click here for registration form). I look forward to learning and growing with you – together we will lead better and have a much greater impact on our business.

Another great resource from NTMA is their 6S Training Materials. Whether your team is naturally neat and organized, or you live in a constant state of chaos, these materials will help your company take practical steps toward becoming a Class A shop. If you complete the self-audit and submit the application before Sept 28th, NTMA will honor you with a framed 6S Award Certificate at the Fall Conference.

Register early for this fun, educational, and exciting industry networking event!

Mike Hirsh
President, Rocky Mountain Chapter – NTMA President, Hirsh Precision Products, Inc.

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