Rocky Mountain Tooling & Machining Association (RMTMA) is a local chapter of National Tooling and Machining Association (NTMA)


We represent the precision custom manufacturing industry.  Our membership is comprised of companies both large and small. Nationally (NTMA) has over 1,300 member companies, representing over $30 billion in revenues. We believe the important role manufacturing plays in our local and national economy. To our members we can provide education and training, networking, business and health insurance, market research, business development and advocacy.

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RMTMA Mission

Our mission is to help members of the Rocky Mountain custom precision manufacturing industry achieve profitable growth and business success in a global economy. This is achieved through advocacy, advice, networking, information, programs and services.  

 Member Spotlight

We are very proud of our member companies. Their services and capabilities serve as the manufacturing bedrock for the production of American manufactured goods. Our local and national member companies provide products vital to our economy, and meaningful well paid employment to thousands of employees and their families. We salute their commitment and entrepreneurial spirit. One of the ways RMTMA says thank you to our members is featuring a different member company every month. This month's our featured member company is:

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IP Automation

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Bogomil Banchev, new owner of IPA, positions his company for the for future.

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In August 2018, IP Automation, one of the largest contract manufacturers in southern Colorado, celebrated its 30th year in business. The joint celebration also honored Ilia Petkov, the company founder on his retirement celebration. A little over thirty years ago, Mr. Petkov, fleeing communist Bulgaria, found his way to Colorado Springs. Through his hard work and entrepreneurial spirit, he built IPA into a multi-million-dollar enterprise.

The new owner, Bogomil Banchev joined the company as CFO in 2003. He is now the President and CEO. As they grow and position their business for the future, Bogomil’s guiding principle is “Where Ideas Become Reality”. Stating “it best describes us as a company that promotes dreams and new ideas. In today’s competitive world, to stay as a leader in the industry, we must keep innovating”.

Lockset Testing Machine

Lockset Testing Machine

In their early years, IPA provided products to two primary customers, Schlage Lock (now Allegion) in Colorado Springs. They supplied lock-set testing machines to Schlage for multi-million cycle testing, of their well-known products. Although highly evolved, IPA continues to build these and other testing machines for Allegion today.  

Goodrich (now UTC) Pueblo, CO. was also an early customer won by the innovative solution for production-scale engraving on carbon aircraft brake shoes.

 As IPA developed these products and others, it required significant investments in manufacturing/design engineering, additional plant space and equipment.

These additions allowed them, to not only expand their capacity, but transition their capabilities to different markets and new customers, while holding true to their tagline, “Where Ideas Become Reality”.

They now service a diversity of markets such as, alternative energy, aerospace, defense and transportation. Their customer portfolio includes Vestas, Boeing, Honeywell, and Union Pacific.

Their in-house engineering capability serves them well. They provide prototyping and design engineering from conception – testing – to production.   

“The diversity and work envelopes of our equipment is unique among contract manufacturers” says Michael Ward, their business development director. “We have CNC lathes, horizontal and vertical mills to handle our precision machining, as well as one of the largest water jet and laser cutting machines in Colorado, to process our large sheet work. We can handle large fabrication and assembly work that most Colorado shops cannot”.

10’ X 20’ X 6” Waterjet

10’ X 20’ X 6” Waterjet

IPA has both vertical and horizontal CNC mills, with large work envelopes for heavy duty milling applications.

Milling large support blocks

Milling large support blocks

Michael Ward - Director of Business Developmnet

Michael Ward - Director of Business Developmnet

In addition to their contract manufacturing and engineering business, a growth area for IPA is their railroad maintenance-of-way equipment. “We have been supporting the railroad industry with patented machines and custom engineered solutions for over 15 years” states Ward. “We are working a business model that broadens our efforts, not only on our manufacturing and engineering, but significant emphasis on our railroad business. Furthermore, to differentiate our railroad business from our fabrication business, we formed IP Railworks, a formal internal division”, says Ward. “Autonomous Railroad equipment will play a significant role in our growth strategy and the growth of the rail industry”.

Hyena SafeLOK I & III Installer/De-Installer

Hyena SafeLOK I & III Installer/De-Installer

Hydra Rail Machine

Hydra Rail Machine

 Challenges: When asked about some of the challenges IPA faces as they grow the business and expand into new markets, Ward states “there are two areas of concern; Finding, maintaining, and keeping a qualified workforce. This issue is common within the manufacturing industry. The second area concerns our ability and determination to effect positive culture shifts that promote innovation and ingenuity. Every good idea starts with a person. It is paramount that we nurture, develop and promote people on our team”.

If you would like to further information about IPA, they would welcome your inquiries. Please see their contact information listed below.


Address: 2818 National Place

               Colorado Springs, CO 80906

Phone:    719.579.8776



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Thanksgiving - My Favorite Holiday

My wife is an incredible cook, and she prefers (insists) that I stay out of the kitchen – especially on Thanksgiving. But for the past 20+ years, she’s asked me to cook the turkey. That’s right, on the busiest kitchen day of the year I am called upon to produce a juicy, mouth-watering, centerpiece of beauty without getting in her way. Want to know my secret?

Many years ago, a family friend shared her process for cooking a turkey on the grill. The process is very simple, frees up the oven, tastes delicious, and it gives me the opportunity to contribute to the overall success of the Thanksgiving feast (without missing much football). Having a day that is set aside for counting my many blessings makes Thanksgiving my favorite holiday!

Speaking of holidays, our next chapter event is the Holiday Party at Balistreri Vineyards on December 5th. Please check your email for event details and the link to get registered. 

What an incredible honor it was for our Rocky Mountain Chapter to host NTMA’s Fall Conference in Denver last month. We had a solid group of “locals” in attendance that shared best practices, networked with industry peers, and become better leaders! The future of our industry is bright, and we are very fortunate to be part of an association like NTMA that provides such strong support for its members.

We have until November 30th to submit Wage and Benefits data to Mackay Research Group, and we still need several more members to participate in order to receive chapter-specific reporting. (To download and view the survey template Click Here). This bench-marking report is vital to successfully recruiting and retaining your employees. Only members that participate in the survey will receive the final report at no cost.

Looking forward to being with y’all at the Holiday Party on December 5th.


Mike Hirsh

President, Rocky Mountain Chapter – NTMA

President, Hirsh Precision Products, Inc. 

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