Do you sometimes make business decisions without access to important industry information?

If the answer is yes

RMTMA can help you! 


Part of our commitment to our members is providing access to market and business conditions, wage and benefit reports, executive compensation, and operating costs. 

Business condition reports, survey results gathered from companies - your peers - broken down by industry segment and geographic region, with comments and insight into current and expected business conditions 

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NTMA conducts two benchmarking surveys annually – the Operating Costs & Executive Compensation Survey (in February) and the Wage & Fringe Benefit Survey (in September). These surveys result in valuable benchmarking reports – available FREE to survey participants.

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NTMA Operating Costs & Executive Compensation Report (One Survey – Two Reports)

Operating Costs Report — This report is a financial analysis of the custom tooling & machining industry. It can help you improve your financial results by establishing “typical” financial performance targets and by analyzing how “high-profit” companies in the industry achieve their success.

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NTMA Wage & Fringe Benefit Report

This Report examines high, low, and average wage rates for 37 job functions giving you better feedback than ever before for the range of competitive plant wages in your NTMA chapter, your region, by sales size and by line of business. The survey also covers fringe benefits offered for plant employees. This data is useful for recruiting and employee promotion purposes.

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Executive Compensation Report

Closely-held corporations are often the target of IRS “reasonable” compensation challenges. The Executive Compensation Report examines issues relating to reasonable compensation by analyzing the range of pay, including base salary, bonus, benefits & perks, that executives earn in the precision custom tooling & machining industry.

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