Who speaks for small and medium-sized manufacturers among policymakers? 


 Representing your interests


From state legislatures to Federal agencies, from local authorities to the White House, the actions of those in government can do a great deal to help—or hinder—one of America’s traditional economic strengths. So we at NTMA fight for fair trade and sensible regulation, and against unfair competition and harmful legislation.

In an environment where many incentives act to send key pieces of our economy overseas, where foreign competitors can trade unfairly through dumping and currency manipulation and where ill-considered taxes and regulations can stifle American manufacturers—or cause them to fail entirely—NTMA is sorely needed. 

         Omar Nashashibi         Spokesman - One Voice

         Omar Nashashibi

     Spokesman - One Voice

Only your support of our efforts—through NTMA membership and financial partnership—can keep American manufacturing strong and growing.

NTMA is committed to representing our industry’s needs before Congress and the Administration. Learn more about the valuable services our Washington Office provides to NTMA members.

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