What We Do!


Education & Training

We work closely with both local and national educational programs and training institutions. In partnership with industry experts, NTMA has developed NTMA-U, a fully online program of courses developed for precision machining and related occupations.  Content works to NIMS specifications. RMTMA is a strong advocate of the NTMA-U program. It fills a very real need in the manufacturing marketplace. We encourage all our members to consider this program. In order to make this program affordable for our chapter members, RMTMA subsidizes to NTMA-U much of the course costs.

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Benchmarking Reports

NTMA conducts two benchmarking surveys annually – the Operating Costs & Executive Compensation Survey (in February) and the Wage & Fringe Benefit Survey (in September).

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Business & Health Insurance

NTMA has long offered business insurance. It recently added Health Insurance.

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One of the most valuable benefits being a member of  RMTMA affords you, is having the opportunity to meet with your peers..

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Discount Programs

Use NTMA and our 1300 members, to leverage buying power, to your advantage in shopping for many supplies and services. 

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Social Events

We believe one of the real values of belonging to RMTMA is the opportunity for social interaction, with your peers. We host regularly scheduled educational and social events. It gives our members opportunities, to make new friends, exchange information, talk shop, or just enjoy their company. It's a great networking opportunity.

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Plant Tours

Every year we arrange plant tours for our members, to interesting Colorado manufacturing and educational facilities. We will be announcing our first tour event of 2018 very shortly.