RMTMA - Standing In The Gap

One of the challenges of building, sustaining and growing a successful manufacturing business is education and training. Where are there pools of skilled labor to draw from? Are there qualified, affordable educational resources we can go to produce trained workers? Because of the high demand for a skilled labor pool, schools and institutions are rising up to meet this challenge.  Unfortunately, the type of technical training needed has not been an educational priority in the USA, and it will take time to build up these programs.  

So what can we to do in the interim? 

NTMA recognized the short comings where the traditional education model fell short. We are committed to help fill this void. We have developed multiple affordable technical training programs that address the development of skills necessary in precision manufacturing. Much of the instruction is available on-line, therefore eliminating the obstacle of geography, and gives opportunity for flexible scheduling. 
The training programs include:



NTMA-U provides a number of significant benefits!

This is a program that provides an online curriculum through participating institutions of higher education, offering college credit toward an associate degree and a head start toward a future in manufacturing. 

  • Available anytime, anywhere with an Internet connection, thus removing the obstacle of traditional school schedules
  • Rich, narrated modules with practice problems and assessments
  • Content relates to NIMS specifications, textbooks available
  • Certificates available for download after each module
  • College credit-earning potential, with a partnership with University of Akron’s Mechanical Engineering Technology degree
  • Federal Bureau of Apprenticeship Training approved

RMTMA believes this program is part of the solution to bridging the skills gap. We want to make it affordable to all our members. Our chapter has purchased an access portal through our national organization and can now offer the following subsidized pricing to our members:

One class module costs $25 per student (does not include books)


Annual unlimited usage, cost based per company by number of employees

Number of employees       Annual Cost

              0-10                  $100.00 (does not include books)

              11-25                $200.00 (does not include books)         

              26-75                $350.00 (does not include books)

              76 or more        $500.00 (does not include books)

For definition of module offerings Click Here

If you have any questions, or would like to enroll please contact either:

Jim Duggins at: chapterexec@rmtma.org

Alice Overton at: aoverton@ntma.org


The National Institute for Metalworking Skills


Founded by NTMA with funding from NTMF, NIMS is the nation’s only ANSI-accredited developer of precision manufacturing skill standards and competency assessments. This means that it’s a source of skills-based continuing education for employees of NTMA members, offering certifications and accredited programs that translate to immediate value on the shop floor. NIMS stakeholders represent more than 6,000 American companies.

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National Apprentice Program


This is an ongoing best-practices program at the regional and national levels, offering webinars on technology and techniques that have the potential to affect our entire industry. It demonstrates NTMA’s aim to make employees of small- and medium-sized companies the best they can be.

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National Robotics League

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Our flagship program provides a key link between students (middle school, high school, and college), educators and NTMA members. Through robotic competition, students forge partnerships with manufacturers and, as a result, many find bright futures in manufacturing careers. This program falls under federal and state Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) development efforts, and many chapters are eligible for public funding. Not only is it deeply valuable to NTMA’s future but it’s “so much fun, it’s inhuman.”

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Through generous support by the National Tooling and Machining Foundation (NTMF), our members, and other sources, we are proud to offer scholarship opportunities for students pursuing education that will lead to employment in a manufacturing-related industry.

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RMTMA Scholarship Program
The RMTMA Scholarship is a financial award to support students seeking training and
education in pursuit of careers in manufacturing. Eligible applicants are limited to employees of
RMTMA member companies and their immediate family members.
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